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Curiosity Trained was created to help pet parents train their animals without fear-based methods and enrich their pet’s environment in a species-appropriate way.

Enriching through toys, mental stimulation, and home setup are a few of the boredom-busting tactics that will keep your furry family member well-behaved.

My Story

I am a positive reinforcement based animal trainer and enrichment specialist.

I spent over 12 years training a HUGE variety of exotic animals as a zookeeper; from lizards to primates to cheetahs.

I was in charge of of my department’s training and enrichment programs that I was able to expand for the betterment of the animals.

Anatolian shepherd dog at Cheetah Conservation Fund
Anatolian Shepherd at Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia.

Training and enrichment are my passion! Now I’m using those years of knowledge and experience to help you with your dog or cat at home.


Exotic Animal Trainer for 12 years
Behavioral Husbandry Professional Development Certificate from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA)
Carnivore Department Training and Enrichment Coordinator
B.S. in Biology & Environmental Science

Continued Learning

Animal Training Applications Course at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (AZA)
Managing Animal Training & Enrichment Programs Course (AZA)
Professional Training Seminars for Zoological Trainers – Ken Ramirez (Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium)
The Art & Science of Animal Training Conferences (ORCA)
Training & Enrichment Workshop (Shape of Enrichment, Inc.)
cheetah walking Stephanie Mantilla
great horned owl on glove for presentation
anatolian shepherd at CCF Namibia

Want to work with me?

I offer personalized online pet coaching tailored to your needs.