Enriching Your Pet’s Life

Want to change your pet’s behavior or prevent boredom? Do you want to train your pet positively and without fear? You’re in the right place.

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Hi, I’m Stephanie Mantilla

Professional Animal Trainer & Enrichment Specialist

After spending 12 years training exotic animals as a zookeeper, I now help people create fulfilling lives for their pets. No matter the animal, they all require similar things to make their lives enriched and prevent behavioral issues.


Positive Training

Training provides mental stimulation and tells your pet how you’d like them to behave. Positive training keeps it fun for your pet and can fix or prevent behavioral issues.



Choose toys that allow your pet to use their natural instincts and behaviors. The key is to find toys that hold their attention the longest.

Stephanie Mantilla feeding lion

Their Own Space

Even in a house setting, your pets need their own territory. Would visitors be able to guess that you have pets based on how your house is set up?



Finding appropriate outlets for your pets to burn off energy will curb destructive behavior and prevent boredom.

Which Species Brought You Here?

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Want to work with me?

I offer personalized online pet coaching tailored to your needs.